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Telegram for pc is just an another messaging app, but telegram for pc is unique and special,because it focuses on speed and security. Telegram for pc is super-fast, simple to use, highly secure and completely free to use. Download telegram for pc.

Telegram for pc application easily syncs across all of your devices. Telegram application can be used on desktops/laptops, tablets and smart phones. Telegram for pc application alows you to send unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram for pc application groups have up to 200 people and you can send broadcasts messages up to 100 contacts at a time. Telegram application is available for all platforms.

Telegram is also available for:

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  2. Telegram for mac pc
  3. Telegram for linux pc
  4. Telegram apk for android
  5. Telegram for ios device
  6. Telegram for windows phone

Telegram for pc app:-

You can download telegram for these platforms from the link below. Telegram application is especially built to make messaging speedy and with complete safe, without the usual caveats.

If you are using some other messaging application, you should have a question why should i switch to telegram? The answer to this question is very simple.

Privacy – Telegram for pc application messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

Cloud-Based – Telegram for pc application lets you access your messages from multiple devices.

Fast – Telegram for pc application delivers messages faster than any other application.

Distributed – Telegram for pc application servers are spread worldwide for security and speed.

Open – Telegram for pc application has an open API and protocol free for everyone.

Free – Telegram for pc application is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.

Secure – Telegram for pc application keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.

Powerful – Telegram for pc application has no limits on the size of your media and chats.

Telegram for pc features:-

Automatic Backup of messages which enables you less data usage and easy transfer of data to any device in telegram for pc. Groups can have multiple admins by that each admin can add friends which means increase in friends circle and increase in fun in telegram for pc. This multiple admins feature is brought in the recent update of Telegram for pc. Each group in telegram for pc can hold 200 participants which is quite greater than whats app. If group participants reach 200 your group gets automatically gets upgraded to super groups in telegram for pc, resulting in increase in group members capacity up to 1000. This super group mode is available only in telegram for pc messenger. Each admin will have the right to add or remove the participants and also to change the group logo etc…which is significant feature in telegram for pc application. Not only audio and video files user can share any type of documents at greater speed in Telegram for pc. Files can be shared at great speed because telegram for pc works with cloud server. One can block a particular user from the user profile itself in Telegram for pc. With the help of Telegram for pc messenger we can hide the messages from other by keeping in the privacy mode. So with the help of this we shall chat and easily keep our personal things hidden from others. Download telegram for mac pc.

Telegram for pc consumes very less data. The data consumed for transmission and reception in telegram for pc is very less on comparing with other messengers. Telegram for pc provides greatest messaging experience even in remote areas.

Multiple file can selected and send to friends at same instance in Telegram for pc. Files size up to 1.5 GB of each can be send through telegram for pc. The files send through telegram for pc application wont get compressed so the quality of the received file will remains same as source. Download telegram for windows pc.

Telegram for pc free download windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10:-

Telegram for pc provides users to communicate with their relations, friends etc. The messaging experience in telegram is really great because of its cloud based server. Even the photos and data you shared with your friends are stores in the cloud so whenever you lost your phone or switching to the next phone its easy to get the data. Telegram for pc offers it for free. The Telegram messenger is officially available to pc. But in case of whats app and imo you need to install android emulator such as blue stack and use it in your pc. This task is really difficult. And also it gets sucked . Even it wont provide the same experience you have in your smart phone.But in case of Telegram messenger you will easily use it in the windows pc as in smartphone. The user interface, downloading and uploading speed remains same as smart phones even it is better in pc. While using Telegram in pc you can browse the files from your pc and share it with your friends no need to transfer to your smartphone and share. Click the link below to Download Telegram for windows pc now.

Telegram For Mac PC Free Download:-

Telegram for mac pc is officially launched to mac OS recently. Before that we need to download emulator software to use telegram in the windows as well as mac. But this messenger is now officially available to both windows and mac.On using the telegram messenger in your pc you can get all the features that are available in the mobile mode. No need to worry about the backup.Telegram messenger uses the cloud based storage of data.So this prevents the loss of data when we get to shift from one platforms to other . By using telegram messenger one can message from pc and mobile at the same instance.Many updates are now made in the telegram for pc. The user interface in the telegram for pc is quite appreciable ,which looks similar to the mobile version. So telegram user from the pc can get lot of fun while messaging with their friends and families. Click the link below to Download telegram for mac pc now.

Telegram for Linux pc Free Download:-

Telegram for linux pc free download. Do you know why whats app became so popular than any other social messenger applications. This is because of its simplicity in its user interface. This is the key to its success. Telegram for Linux OS follows the same route and get billions of users.Even telegram application is having some more specification . In this article we are going to show you the hidden features of telegram.If you get the official Telegram for Linux on windows you surely came to know the worth of Telegram Messenger. Click the link Download Telegram for Linux pc now.

Telegram Apk for Android Phone free download:-

Telegram messenger apk comes with cloud based communication which enables fastest communication than all. Android market is the wide mobile market platform nearly one third of the people in this planet is using android mobile. Telegram messenger is available in this platform. Telegram apk got more than 500 million users last month only from android. So the most of the people around you using android application so now you can chat with them using the telegram application . The downloadable size of the telegram messenger is just 16 MB which is quite less than whats app and other android messenger application.This ensures the reliability and simplicity of the Telegram application. Click the link below todownload Telegram Apk for Android Phone now.

Telegram messenger app for ios free download:-

Telegram for ios is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Telegram app is superfast, it is very simple and secure. Telegram app is free of cost. Telegram app for ios seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. By using Telegram app for ios, you can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.). Telegram app groups and broadcast lists have up to 200 members. Be sure to check our website for a list of Telegram apps for all platforms.

Telegram for Windows Phone Free Download:-

Telegram for windows phone has got more than one million users last month only from Windows. So the most of the people around you using android application so now you can chat with them using the telegram application which is now available in windows phone. The downloadable size of the telegram messenger is just 16 MB which is quite less than whats app and other windows messenger application. This ensures the reliability and simplicity of the Telegram application. Telegram application holds only less space for installation in your mobile memory. Click the link below to Download telegram for windows phone now.

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